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GSE230 Standard vs Compact Size Comparison.png

Globestock G.Tripod 230

Standard and Compact

The G.Tripod 230 is an EN795 (class B) + TS16415 anchorage device that is durable and lightweight. It provides a secure and stable anchorage for confined space access.

Maximum working load (MWL) 200kg for personnel (safety factor 10:1), and 250kg for loads.

Two sizes available: Standard (21kg) or Compact (18kg).

It may be used as an anchor by more than one person simultaneously, providing the MWL is not exceeded.

The three-pulley head means that equipment can be fitted to any of the legs. 

The mounting eyes on the underside of the head allow for equipment to also be fitted beneath the head, such as a chain hoist.

May be used in conjunction with the G.Winch and G.Saver II.

Gtripod specs.png
gtripod folded.png
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